Welcome to Sunup German Shorthair Pointers, Newmarket, Ontario Canada

Sunup German Shorthair Pointers

SUNUP KENNELS is now retired from breeding.

Thank you to my puppy buyers who have provided such wonderful loving homes to my dogs. I hope you will all continue to keep in touch with me with your updates and pictures! You can keep in touch through email: sunupgsp@yahoo.com


Gemma, newest show champion ...Our newest Show Champion "Gemma"

one of our puppiesThank you for visiting SUNUP SHORTHAIRS. We are a small home based kennel situated on 10 acres in Newmarket, Ontario.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is energetic, intelligent, and cheerful. They aim to please and they love all their family members equally. They are good with children and are happiest when spending time in the company of people. If properly exercised, this breed makes an outstanding companion. Because of their high energy level, obedience training starting from a young puppy is strongly recommended.

As a breeder, we have a responsibility to produce quality dogs that are outstanding representatives of this breed in every way. Temperment, correct structure, instinctive and natural hunting ability, and willingness to please are all attributes that we consider to be necessary in the development in each and every puppy.

German shorthair pointerWe also have the responsibility to do the best we can in bringing healthy puppies into this world. Every breeding we plan considers the health of the breed, and the health of the individual dogs being bred, and their temperaments. The dogs we choose to breed are evaluated for hip dysplasia (X–rays) and receive clearances by a vets (specialty in their field) for their hearts, and eyes (CERF). As well, our dogs are tested (or cleared by parentage )for cone degeneration, a hereditary form of blindness known to this breed.

While we boast of our success with our show wins and champion titles, we are most proud of our beautiful dogs and great temperaments we have bred and placed in loving homes being a wonderful family companion.

We care about our puppies, and make ourselves available to you for advise for the life of your pet!